The Train Wreck Endings

"Bourbon Rain" Nominated for Best Rock Album at the Wammies


"Bourbon Rain" has been nominated for Best Rock Album by the Washington Area Music Association. The Wammie Awards ceremony will be on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C. The band is excited to attend the ceremony and truly honored to be nominated. Fingers crossed for a win!


2016 wrap-up / 2017 preview


Well, The Train Wreck Endings had an eventful year, highlighted by a spring trip to Memphis to record at the legendary Sun Studio. From those tapes, we released two singles, "Once or Twice", and, under Nancy Griffith-Cochran's name, "Inside (Far Away)". The latter song was written by Pat Holbrook.

The year was capped by a December 18 show at The Bitter End in New York City, another thrill, despite my roaring case of the flu, perfectly timed for that day...

We played more than 40 shows, including a few great festivals: The PBR10K in Columbus, Ohio, in February (we'll be back again in 2017!), the Panhandle Earth Day Celebration in Shepherdstown, WVa., the Purcellville Wine & Food Festival, and the Purcellville Music & Arts Festival.

The Bitter End gig was the 575th of my "career," which isn't bad when you consider that I was a (very) late bloomer as a live performer. A live album of that show will be released early in 2017, both digitally and on vinyl.

An album of new material is on our agenda for fall of 2017 - it'll also be digital and vinyl - as well as playing a couple other places on our bucket list (stay tuned for more info). 


Recording at Sun Studio in March '16


We're looking forward to recording two songs at the world famous Sun Studio in Memphis on Monday, March 21. The two tracks are "Once or Twice", written by Andy Hawk, and "Far Away", by Pat Holbrook. Should be a blast to record in the rarified air once breathed by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, U2, et al...


Austin, Here We Come...


We're leaving for Austin, Texas, later today, looking forward to recording with Merel Bregante (one-time Loggins & Messina drummer) at Cribworks Audio. The album will be a quasi "greatest hits" collection, meaning that there will be a few new songs, a few that are fan (and band) favorites, and a few that I recorded a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that most people have not heard.

So far, here's a list, with one or two more to surface at a later date:

Sunshine Waterdance

Real Gone Girl

I Never Thought to Ask

Awkwardly at Ease

Maybe Someday

She Stopped the Rain

American Vertigo - a new one, bluesy, based loosely on a true story of my first time in New York City, which was for New Year's Eve in Times Square when I was 19 (yowza!)

My Old Hometown

* Wish us luck!


A Flurry of Activity...


Straight off the release of Sorta Kinda Maybe, the band has big plans for the coming 6 months.  

* First, we'll be recording some live acoustic tracks to send out as giveaways to our fans

* In early November 2013, the full band will convene in the library of Potomac Falls High School in Sterling, Va., to record a live album, to be called - ironically enough - "Shhhhh!" with engineer/producer Chris Murphy of RHL Audio.  Should be an interesting project.

* The single "Chasing the Sun" will be finished soon and available before Christmas.  Adam Marsland has just finished added his piano parts, and all that's left are a few overdubs and mixing by Pat Schneider at Stairway East Studios, and then the mastering by Jerry Tubb in Austin.

* Speaking of Austin, we'll be heading there in late-March to record our "greatest hits" package with Merel Bregante at Cribworks Digital Audio.  

* And finally, we've begun writing new material.  The songs are in their infancy, but we're hoping to top the last one.

We will keep you posted as these things progress!


Andy's 400th show


Can't believe it's been 10 years since I first played in public and got paid!  Tonight's show at Quattro Goomba's marks my 400th show. I was happy to do the first one, and I'm still happy on #400.  :)


iTunes pre-sale coming!!!


Sorta Kinda Maybe will be available in the next couple of days for a pre-sale, so keep an eye out for it.  I will post the link once it's live.


Hope to see you all at the release show on April 23 at the Iota Club!


Mastering of "Sorta Kinda Maybe" album set for Jan. 2013 in Austin


I'll be heading to Austin the last week of January to have the new CD mastered at Terra Nova Mastering by the terrific Jerry Tubb.  We have at least 18 songs that'll be released in early spring, with 12 making the "real" album, and the rest making up a bonus disc.  Two for the price of one!

Some of the new songs we've been playing live the last few months include the title track, "Strawberry Smile", "Stories That We Tell", "Rum Talking", and "Thoughts While Driving Home"...

We'll touch on blues - "From the Word Go" and "Next Best Man"; folk-pop ballads - "Written on the Road", "Afterthoughts", "That Far Away"; rock-pop - "Sorta Kinda Maybe", "Strawberry Smile"; dance-hall pop - "Painted Sky"; funk - "Rum Talking"; reggae - "Hello Hello"; and straight rock - "Stories That We Tell"... among others...

It's in the mixing stage right now at Stairway East Studios in Manassass, under the capable hands of Pat Schneider.

Look for more news soon...


Recording begins May 12, 2012


We've booked studio time for Saturday, May 12, 2012, to begin recording the backing tracks for our new album, tentatively titled Stories That We Tell...


Mastering of new CD set for Aug. 9 in Austin


Another Storyline is mixed and ready for mastering.  The album is schedule for mastering on Aug. 9 at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin, Texas.  I'm headed down on Aug. 6 to nose around town.


Great show at Franklin Park Arts Center


We had a great crowd and felt we did a solid show on Friday, June 4, at Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville, Va.  We opened for Justin Trawick (, and both bands played well.  Here's our setlist:


1. Real Gone Girl

2. Lipstick & Dynamite

3. Think Too Much

4. Maybe Someday

5. Been Down So Long

6. Tin Can Town

7. My My

8. Ghosts of Summer Sun

9. My Old Hometown

10. Baltimore

11. Sunshine Waterdance



New CD - "Another Storyline" tentative running order (due in the summer of 2011)


The latest Train Wreck Endings CD - Another Storyline - is set for a late-summer release.  The recording is finished, and it's about to be mixed in Austin, Texas, by Merel Bregante (one-time drummer for Loggins & Messina, The Dirt Band, and Steve Martin).  It features 12 songs.  A tentative running order follows:

1. Baltimore (Hawk)

2. Been Down So Long (Hawk) - features Chris Stoudt on lead guitar

3. Temptation (a cover of the 1982 song by New Order)

4. Prettier Song (Hawk)

5. Mason-Dixon Line (Hawk)

6. Another Storyline (Hawk) - lead guitar by our bassist Chuck Bordelon

7. Kick a Stone and Join the Dance (Hawk)

8. Random Thoughts (Hawk) - another lead by Chuck, and some percussion by Tom Allen

9. Sunshine Street (Hawk) - Paul Bordelon helps out with some electric guitar

10. Icicle In the Sun (Hawk) - Chris Stoudt and Paul Bordelon help out again

11. Little Light (Hawk)

12. Lost My Radio (DeVries/Hawk)

* The CD features a lot of talented people who have helped bring the songs to life

- Tom Allen - percussion

- Chuck Bordelon - bass, electric guitar, drums

- Paul Bordelon - electric guitar

- Steve DeVries - mandolin, banjo, harmonica, electric & acoustic guitar, fretless bass, keyboards, harmonies

- Chris Huff - drums

- Riley Osborne - piano

- Emma Rowley - harmony vocals

- Gary Rudinsky - harmony vocals

- Chris Stoudt - electric guitar, harmony vocals